color led pool and spa lighting

Color, light and motion come to life like never before.

Nothing brings out the natural beauty and shimmer of water better than color and light. Whether you're setting the mood for an intimate evening, or creating a dazzling aquatic backdrop for the seasons hottest party, ColorLogic 4.0 is your gateway to the ultimate backyard experience. You and your guests will be amazed at the breadth of dynamic, choreographed displays that bring your pool and spa to life.

LED Technology

The ColorLogic 4.0 system was designed and built using patented Chromacore technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art LED lights. LED bulbs have numerous advantages over traditional incandescent lighting, starting with a life span nearly 20 times longer. LEDs use far less electricity than standard pool lights-saving up to 79% on energy costs. Plus, LEDs contain no filament, so they're far more impact resistant. There are no bulbs to change, no color wheels and no moving parts.